Tuesday, January 26, 2010

People's best and worst dressed of 1987 (first in a series)

Bridgette Nielson used to be hawt before she became a caricature of herself.

Remember when we used to care about Corbin Bernsen? I had to use heavy psychoactive drugs to suppress those painful memories of those days when I did.
Um, I'm sorry but back in 1987 when Lisa Bonet had a rockin' body, she could not show enough skin to satisfy me.
It's funny how Kirk Cameron has evolved into such an asshole and how Sarah Jessica Parker has turned into such a creep.
Three dogs on one page! It's a People magazine record!

And these ladies and gentlemen were the fashion judges and style jury for this madness:
That's right. They had a chick with a bone in her hair who wrote shit novels about assholes who lived in New York city judging other people's clothing choices. Man, if that isn't hip I don't know what is. But holy shit, how cute was that chick from Moonlighting? She was off the charts cute in those days.


MrJeffery said...

omg i love this post. little did they know about sjp!

Wings said...

Course, in retrospect everyone looks cheesy from '87!

Mrs. M. said...

Lisa Bonet looks so freakin' hot in that pic. And is it just me or does Kate Gosselin look similar to Tammie Faye in that photo above?