Sunday, January 24, 2010

This is why I love the internet

I picked this up for .50 cents on Friday:
And in it was a great photo spread of the 1961 sorority rush. Now I usually hate that college 'Greek' shit, especially the sorority stuff because in my experience I have found that young sorority chicks are usually the most stuck up and snooty females ever to walk the earth, but I loved the innocence of the photos in this spread. And then I remembered that most of these women are pushing 70 by now as well, so I'm sure they wouldn't mind people looking at photo's of them when they were young, beautiful, and mostly care free. So here you go ladies, here you are in all your youthful glory for all the world to see:

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Chickens in the Basement said...

My college room-mate started Pi-Kappa-K-Mart club. It pissed of the Greeks of ECU. If you don't want to join em, beat em?