Thursday, April 14, 2011

'ist' series

I've begun a new series of mixed media works on cardboard. I call them the 'ist' series because they will all feature one of these four words in ransom note letters: Resist, Insist, Desist, Exist.

Resist will all be in differing shades and saturations of red:

Insist will all be differing shades and saturations of green:
Desist will be in blues, and Exist will be in blacks.

For now they're all being done on 8.5" by 11" comic book backing cardboard.

They are available for $25 each (plus $3 shipping and handling to US addresses, s/h slightly higher to Canada and Europe), two or more for $20 each, and a set of all four for $75. No shipping or handling charges on multiples when they are all shipped to the same address, although I reserve the right to charge it for some addresses outside the USA.

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