Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Adopt an actor

After much deliberation I have finally decided to adopt an actor on this blog. And since this is a retro/vintage blog I decided to adopt a retro actor. I'm going with the lovely Jan Smithers who played Bailey Quarters on WKRP.
Any straight guys who watched that show who had any brains would pick Jan over Loni Anderson seven days a week and twice on Sunday. And I'm no different.

She was my ideal 1970's woman, beautiful, brunette, smart, funny, and a little bit awkward.
She was in my youthful 'spank bank' for many years and goodness knows I had many wild and involved fantasies about her. Truth be told, I still have a crush on her. I never really realized what a sexy neck she's got until I downloaded these pics of her. Wow, she's something, he said dreamily.

She's kind of faded since her glory days on WKRP but she's always got a home here on this blog and in my heart and mind. So please welcome to the blog, my adopted actor, Jan Smithers!

(This will be the only time I ever post a picture that I did not scan myself on this blog.)


Wings said...
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Wings said...

She was always more... something, than Loni was. Where Loni was WHAM! in your face, Jan was winking from the sidelines.

Good choice indeed.